The Future of ESG

Transform Your ESG Process With True & Tested New Technologies. Find Out How From Our ESG Whitepaper.

Discover how to integrate digital transformation tools with ESG principles. We are dedicating the whitepaper to C-level executives at enterprises from around the world, however especially to the CSOs, CTOs, and, of course, to the CEOs who wish to create a comprehensive digital transformation strategy connected to their ESG goals.

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Embrace ESG and Digital Transformation

ESG Factors

ESG factors are a comprehensive framework for assessing a company’s sustainability practices. The Environmental aspect focuses on waste management, energy efficiency, and resource conservation. The Social component evaluates a company’s relationships with employees, suppliers, customers, and communities, addressing diversity, human rights, and consumer protection. Governance involves standards for running a company, including board composition, audit practices, and emissions.

Facilitate Stakeholder Engagement

Learn how the integration of modern tech with your enterprise ESG goals may attract investors and improve market positioning. Discover further benefits of using AI, big data, and Operational Intelligence for increased transparency.

The Future of ESG

In 2024 and beyond, traditionally-used tools such as Excel simply won’t cut it. Discover practical examples of using Machine Learning (ML), Artificial Intelligence (AI) for ESG reporting & tracking and validating ESG reports. Simplify your Scope 3 reporting, and get rid of problems such as double counting.

The Impact of Regulations

Regulations of the European Union, California, (and soon other organizations and entities), such as the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD), European Sustainability Reporting Standards (ESRS), the EU Taxonomy for Sustainable Activities, the Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation (SFDR), and the Non-Financial Reporting Directive (NFRD) change the way you do business. Find out what principles to apply when developing a long-term ESG strategy, and how do changing regulations affect the way you do business.

Are Spreadsheets Enough?

Companies face enormous amounts of data coming in every single day. Traditional approaches, such as spreadsheets work only in small companies. Learn how to improve your data handling workflow to meet the demands of today.

Navigating Digital Transformation Risks

With the help of our whitepaper you will be able to navigate risks such as data security breaches or technology obsolescence.

The Future of ESG

In 2024 and beyond, traditionally used tools such as Excel simply won’t cut it. Discover practical examples of using Machine Learning (ML), Artificial Intelligence (AI) for ESG reporting & tracking and validating ESG reports. Simplify your Scope 3 reporting as described in our whitepaper, and to easily get rid of problems such as double counting.

Accurate Environmental Reporting as the Key to Sustainability

Accurate environmental reporting is crucial nowadays. To create accurate reports, you need to integrate data from various sources, respond to environmental changes in real-time, and more. That’s why Smart RDM makes it a breeze to integrate various systems and technologies in real-time, while also giving you an option to leverage advanced algorithms for informed decision-making.

Meet the Authors

Manuel Vexler is a seasoned technology and business leader with a strong background in Sustainability, ESG, and Digital Transformation.

Currently, he serves as Executive Director of AKFI, an industry members’ association and instructor at Cornell University, imparting his expertise to the next generation of leaders. He is also together with Isabella a co-host of the Actionable ESG™ talks series, a weekly broadcast on the Actionable Knowledge Foundational Institute on current challenges in global sustainability and ESG.

Vexler has held high-level positions at Huawei, Cisco Systems, and AMD, garnering awards for his exceptional executive training delivery and successful management of telecom products and services.

He holds various certifications from Cornell University, University of Toronto, and Queen’s University, complementing his Master of Science degree in Biomedical Electronic Engineering.

With a unique blend of technical and business acumen, Vexler is a sought-after mentor for those aspiring to excel in the industry.

A picture of Manuel Vexler - the co-author of the ESG Whitepaper

Gabriela is an expert in the area of the operational efficiency, production data monitoring and reporting. Leading multiple projects concerning production optimization, data driven process optimization and efficiency. ESG practitioner helping customers with their initial sustainability reporting.

With over 15 years of experience in various multidisciplinary projects at the intersection of environment, science, and IT, her expertise encompasses diverse analysis tasks that bridge the gap between business and IT/OT. Her overarching objective is to optimize operational processes and foster sustainable growth through the digital transformation of industrial companies. Using her experience, Gabriela is leading the continuous development of Smart RDM features that significantly extend Aveva PI System capabilities.

A portrait of Gabriela Gic-Grusza, the co-author of the ESG Whitepaper

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