Mobile Access

Achieve Operational Excellence With Mobile Access for Enhanced Production Performance. Achieve Peak Production Perfomance.

We’ve developed a mobile app for both Android and iOS platforms, designed to assist companies in achieving operational excellence. Our app offers robust support through customizable forms and dedicated process modules, empowering businesses to streamline operations and enhance overall efficiency. Experience seamless productivity and process optimization with our versatile mobile solution.

Data Precision Assurance

Ensure precise and up-to-date production data, whether you’re below ground, within the production hall, or out in the field. Stay informed and maintain accuracy across all operational locations.

Efficient Data Synchronization

Optimize your data management with our user-friendly solution. Navigate through mobile forms, whether online or offline. Rest assured, all data is synchronized upon reconnecting to the internet, ensuring uninterrupted efficiency.

Mobile Process Monitoring

Stay updated on your production processes effortlessly with our mobile app. Monitor each phase with ease, ensuring you’re always in the know and in control.

Task Management Hub

Effortlessly manage tasks in your process – accept, reject, confirm, or take defined actions within your permissions. Stay informed about production hall activities from any location, ensuring you’re always up to date on operations.


Data Collection, Data Validation, Storage

Remote Data Access

Assure continuous data availability with robust monitoring, architecture, access management, and quality-aware KPI calculations.

Event Reports

Ensure valid event reporting with our mobile app. Add

Data Hub

Harness real-time data power through a centralized repository for process information.

Information Security

Ensure data security, streamline collaboration, grant permissions to groups or individuals, and securely onboard external suppliers into workflows.


Status Information Hub

Adding issues

Streamline manual issue entries with user-friendly templates. Receive real-time machine-generated status updates or input them manually, enabling efficient issue progress tracking.

Providing information

Augment issue visibility and descriptions by attaching photos or documents, providing deeper insights into tasks and events. Enrich your understanding with visual context for effective resolution.

Workflow Empowerment

Empower users to take targeted actions through predefined workflows tailored to each issue type. Respond promptly to all industrial operation events, ensuring agility and efficiency in addressing critical situations.

Data Precision

“Ensure future action and reporting accuracy by editing issue-related data. Enable file attachments to consolidate all relevant documentation in one location, streamlining information access and management.