Production Monitoring with
Automatic Reporting

All relevant reports, dashboards and information in one integrated platform

Your one-stop platform to access all meaningful information to support your decisions.

Smart RDM brings together automatically generated reports from production data; complementary reports from other sources and real-time visualization of the infrastructure.

Build to meet unique needs of Manufacturing, Power and Utilities.

Does your organization use OSIsoft PI System? Learn how Smart RDM expands OSIsoft PI System.

One place for production process management

Automatic report generation

Smart RDM automatically generates reports from your process data. The reports forms are customized to your needs.

  • hourly, daily & monthly reports
  • environmental reports
  • accident reports

Add manual data and notes

Smart RDM allows you to enter and complete data for the reports manually. To each report and data point, you can add notes: track downtime, errors and incidents.

  • possibility to correct data
  • add notes to each data point and to reports

Data validation and authorization

Automatic and manually entered data are validated in Smart RDM. Reports go through authorized user verification before they are sent.

  • verification of the correctness of the entered data
  • acceptance of reports


The user authenticates through his company account: we support multiple systems like Microsoft Active Directory. In Smart RDM, you can set each user level of access to specific reports using:

  • domain groups
  • Smart RDM internal groups

In Smart RDM you can collect all relevant reports from different sources.


Google Drive / Team Drive
Onedrive for business
MS Word
MS Excel
PDF, PNG and more.

OSIsoft Products

Collection and
processing of reports

Transparent access and a preview of reports, a configuration of reports.

Reports database. Support for any type of report.

Production data processing:
manual data entry, data validation, approval. Final report generation

Access to reports

Personalized desktops. They are based on groups and roles in the organization.

Report Access Management. Provide data security thanks to access-rights management.


Support various file formats
Ready to download in Smart RDM

Automatic distribution
Directly to your inbox

Report preview
Directly in Smart RDM

Available on any device
Web browser, mobile device

Created with users to decrease administrative processes


Note and explain incidents in production. Correct and complete data from production in one platform.


Monitor main indicators in one tool. Focus on generating insights not creating reports.


Access everything you need to make informed decisions, from a central location.

Extend Smart RDM with Predictive Platform in Cloud to provide Advanced Analytics in one interface.

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