ESG Reporting

Seamless integration and live data monitoring for your sustainability goals

Growing expectations

ESG reporting has become increasingly versatile, serving a multitude of business objectives and a broad spectrum of internal and external stakeholders.

Complexity in reporting requirements has rendered the traditional manual data collection process in Excel sheets insufficient.

The main challenges related to reporting management:

1. Stakeholders express concerns about the quality and frequency of received data;
2. Traditional reports offer limited visibility into a company’s progress towards environmental, governance, and social goals.

Integrated ESG platforms

Companies are on a mission to streamline their ESG efforts by consolidating all relevant indicators within a single, unified ESG platform. The goal is to achieve instant visibility into their performance and ensure alignment with ESG objectives.

Integrated ESG platforms platforms open doors to a world of possibilities, from operational optimization to carbon footprint reduction and the shaping of organizational behaviors.

Quality of environmental data

Businesses are eager to maintain a vigilant watch over the quality of environmental data and real-time process and machine-generated operational data. ESG platforms are also featured with informative dashboards that facilitate sharing information with all the stakeholders.

Smart RDM as an integrated ESG reporting platform

Automated ESG reporting is the new gold standard

Automate your ESG reporting processes with Smart RDM. Establish single source of truth for operational, environmental, social and governance metrics.

Combine the knowledge existing in your organization on a flexible platform, integrated with ERPs, data historians gathering operational data, machines, sensors and all other data sources.

Create ESG information panels and share them with designated ESG stakeholders. Provide right, high-quality information to your Chief Sustainability Officer (CSO) or Chief Financial Officer (CFO) and give them a tool to immediately gain insights into how the company is performing regarding specific metrics.

Revolutionize your ESG reporting

Streamline data collection!

­Collect data from automation systems and business applications, enable partners to submit ESG data through a user-friendly portal, and seamlessly integrate all information into a centralized data repository.

Save time and resources!

­Leverage templates, analytical modules, and automation tools to perform real-time calculations of all required indicators, thereby substantially reducing the time and costs associated with manual and repetitive ESG reporting tasks.

Provide transparent real-time reporting!

­Deliver stakeholders holistic, single-source reporting system equipped with data health checks and comprehensive audit trails. Provide daily updates on environmental goal achievements.


Sustainable resource management


• Monitor processes in real-time to identify and improve energy efficiency throughout your operations.

• Effectively manage waste production and utilization to minimize environmental impact.

• Streamline your media consumption to reduce resource waste.

• Utilize the power of big data and the analysis module of Smart RDM to forecast environmental indicators under various scenarios.

• Leverage AI as a tool to optimize processes and maximize efficiency.

Corporate Social Responsibility Disclosure

Set up right solution for real-time transparency and accountability for stakeholders

Information disclosure

­Companies publicly disclose their social responsibility initiatives, including sustainable development programs, community investments, environmental practices, and ethical business standards.


­This information is typically compiled in sustainability reports or corporate social responsibility reports, made accessible to stakeholders such as shareholders, customers, employees, and NGOs.


­CSRD aims to provide transparency about a company’s actions, allowing stakeholders to evaluate how the company contributes to society and the environment.

Enhance your reputation!

­Improve your company image and reputation by effective ESG practices and right information sharing. Gain trust among customers, investors, and local communities.

Increased trust

­Increase trust in your brand thanks to CSRD, demonstrate your commitment to societal and environmental well-being.

Make Social and environmental impact

Through CSR practices, you can positively impact society and the environment by supporting social projects and reducing their ecological footprint.