Job offers

DevOps Engineer

What will be your tasks?

•    Development of a developer platform based on Azure DevOps

•    Optimization of CI/CD processes

•    Monitoring and care for applications in Kubernetes

•    Migrations of applications from other platforms to Kubernetes

What are our expectations?

•    Minimum of two years of experience with Kubernetes and cloud environment (preferably Azure)

•    You should have knowledge of the Infrastructure as Code approach and the supporting tools: Terraform, Ansible

•    Proficiency in scripting languages (e.g., Python, Go, POSIX shell) is required

•    Good understanding of the basics of database systems operation (e.g., PostgreSQL, SQL Server)

•    English language proficiency for fluent, everyday communication

•    You are characterized by meticulousness, responsibility, communicativeness, and a sense of humor would be a great asset 😊

•    Additionally, experience with monitoring tools such as Grafana and Prometheus is highly valued

What does the recruitment process look like?

•    Analysis of the received application

•    Initial phone interview – discussion of formal matters

•    Online interview – you will meet your future supervisor

•    Online technical interview – a more in-depth discussion of technical matters, and you will receive a task to complete during the meeting

•    Decision with feedback information

What we offer?


With minimal control, we delegate tasks and provide as much freedom as possible in their execution, giving employees space for initiative, responsibility, and creativity.


We value group synergy, so we help each other in solving problems, expanding knowledge, and seeking information.

Work-life balance

We believe that work should bring satisfaction and be one, not the only, aspect of life. Therefore, we support employees in finding their passions (development program) and respect their privacy.

Clear communication

We appreciate openness and honest exchange of opinions. To support employees’ communication skills, we offer coaching support and a development program where soft skills can be strengthened.


We adjust the pace of work to the needs of the project, colleagues, and individual capabilities. That’s why we implement job crafting. We work hybridly because we recognize the advantages of remote work but also value personal relationships, so we also strive to work in the office to give team members the opportunity for in-person meetings.

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