Smart RDM & AVEVA PI (Formerly OSIsoft PI)

Deep integration of Smart RDM Platform and AVEVA (OSIsoft) PI System allows you to create a complete solution for production optimization


Use online, Excel-like, PI Asset Framework-configured forms for manual data entry, report generation and data quality monitoring. Always keep the data in your PI System consistent and provide your organization with timely, accurate and high-quality reports from all the processes and KPIs you define. Give everyone, depending on their organization role, access to business KPIs such as OEE, downtimes or carbon footprint.


Integrate seamlessly with any data warehouses, data lakes or big data platforms using your existing PI Asset Framework data models and efficient PI-optimized ETL capabilities built into Smart RDM. Generate and access in one portal dashboards and reports created in various tools such as PI Vision, Grafana, Power BI, SSRS, Tableau or Looker. Schedule and subscribe to reports or dashboards of your choice and generate event-triggered reports to reveal the power of data in PI System for everyone in the organization.

Big data analytics

Connect Python scripts directly to your PI Data to build scalable analyses, machine learning and forecasting scripts, scripts for integration of various systems as well as data exports and synchronization of data into data warehouses. Schedule, control and run multiple scripts in parallel and use the power of Kubernetes for scaling computations. Extend your PI System with proper predictive maintenance, advanced forecasting or digital twin capabilities.

Event Management

Discover immense value delivered to your organization by Event Frames. View, analyze and combine PI-generated events such as Event Frames or PI Notifications with business systems. Use functionality of splitting events into multiple subevents to better adapt to your processes and conduct more insightful event analysis. Augment events with additional metadata such as pictures, comments, descriptions and assign them to responsible persons. All those functionalities are available in multiple user interfaces such as computer, rugged-devices and mobile to enable organization-wide deployment.

Process Management

Combine the capabilities of PI System in data collection and processing with workflow engine available in Smart RDM. Make events part of your business process thanks to assigning them to responsible persons, triggering event-based reports or triggering actions in integration scripts. Those functionalities allow you to turn PI System into MES or CMMS solutions that, not only, plays the role of single source of truth for OT data but also allows to model various plant-level processes and integrations in single environment.


Combine your PI System with the cloud and build secure and scalable hybrid architecture, where critical data may reside in the place your PI Systems are and reporting, analytics, machine learning and integration are done in the cloud. Smart RDM allows you to use your PI data models and seamlessly move them to both Azure and GCP data platforms. Discover the abilities of PI System combined with Open AI and Bard for multiple use cases such as real-time knowledge management on the plant level.

Quick benefits for your AVEVA PI Installation