Big Data Analytics

Smart RDM Is One of the Best Big Data Analytics Tool for the Manufacturing, Green Energy, and Other Industries


Smart RDM: Real-time process optimization

Integrations Data Validation

Control data from one place. Structure, manage and analyze vast amounts of data from multiple sources in a single platform. Automate the distribution of insights within the organization to facilitate data-driven decision-making.​

Algorithm Management

­­Create and manage the lifecycle of algorithms such as analyses or ETL processes, define and parametrize inputs and choose appropriate algorithms for particular tasks or reports. Create event-triggered algorithms.

Algorithm scheduling

­Schedule algorithms to execute at planned date and time or between specific time intervals or define triggers such as events that initiate algorithms executions. All that to make sure information you need is delivered with desired quality just on time.

Algorithm execution

­Execute algorithms with predefined parameters or parameters provided by real-time data streams like machine-data or business systems’ data. Always run the algorithms in the data context you need for particular task.

Execution monitoring

­Use built-in advanced execution monitoring capabilities to know when the data is processed, identify issues in your ETL data pipelines before the stakeholders recognize them.


­Make use of unlimited scalability of ETL and algorithms execution and enable users to execute multiple algorithms simultaneously in separate environments. Process large amount of data and make use of the power of cloud.

Security and availability

Restrict access to algorithms and their results (data) to authorized users only. For 100% execution availability in critical use cases, benefit from built-in autoscaling – a process that monitors resource usage and dynamically adds further resources when needed.


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