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Optimizing Asset Management: A Guide to AVEVA's Asset Framework in th PI System

The whitepaper created by our PI System specialists delves into the key role of AVEVA’s Asset Framework (AF) in the PI System. The primary objective is to showcase how AF serves as a crucial tool for managing real-time data and metadata across diverse industries such as energy, manufacturing, and utilities.


C-level executives, mainly COOs, CTOs, CIOs, and IT Directors, Compliance Managers, System Architects, Data Governance Officers and Strategic Planners will undoubtedly find our whitepaper interesting.

What insights will you gain from the PI Asset Framework whitepaper?

Furthermore, what are the benefits of adopting PI AF?

Actionable Insights

AF is showcased as a key driver in enhancing operational efficiency by converting raw data into actionable insights. The emphasis is on how AF contributes to decision-making processes, ultimately improving overall operational efficiency.

Flexibility and Differentiation

AF databases are discussed for their flexibility and differentiation, optimizing function-specific performance. This ensures that AF adapts to diverse industry requirements, providing optimal functionality tailored to specific operational needs.

Adaptability for Multiple Data Representations

AF’s adaptability for multiple data representations is highlighted, showcasing its versatility in visualization, reporting, and integration with external systems. This feature enhances the overall utility of the tool across various applications.

Streamlined Database Functionality

Design choices in AF are explored, focusing on how they streamline database functionality and influence the integrated tool and system ecosystem within the AVEVA PI (formerly OSIsoft PI or OSI PI) System.

Avoiding Common Pitfalls

Our document addresses common pitfalls in AF design, emphasizing the importance of avoiding generic templates and considering the nature of data in attribute configuration.

Structured Asset Framework for Complex Analytics

The whitepaper stresses the importance of a well-structured asset framework for conducting complex analytics, contributing to informed decision-making.

Forward-Thinking Approach

Advocates for a forward-thinking approach in AF development, underlining the need for a dedicated, trained team, and the value of seeking advice from experienced professionals.

Investing in the Initial Design Phase

The strategic importance of investing time in the initial design phase is highlighted, positioning it as a valid strategy to mitigate the need for extensive modifications in the future.

Enhanced Security Measures

We recommend the enhancement of your security measures and restricting access to the production database. See why.

Why did we create this document with our PI System Experts?

To Highlight AF's Importance and Benefits

The whitepaper emphasizes how AVEVA PI Asset Framework enhances operational efficiency, predictive maintenance, process optimization, and quality control in various sectors. It underscores the critical role of AF in converting raw data into actionable insights, which ultimately improves decision-making processes and operational efficiency.

To Explore Key Aspects of PI AF

This document can be described as a PI Asset Framework user guide. It explores the key aspects of AF, such as its flexibility and differentiation in database design, adaptability for multiple data representations, and design choices that streamline database functionality. By covering these aspects, the report aims to provide a comprehensive understanding of AF’s capabilities and its impact on the integrated tool and system ecosystem within the PI System.

To Advocate For a Forward-Thinking Approach

This whitepaper completely answers the question “[w]hat is PI Asset Framework?” Our document advocates for a forward-thinking approach in AF development, highlighting the need for a dedicated, trained team and the value of seeking advice from experienced professionals. It underscores the importance of investing time in the initial design phase to mitigate future modifications and enhance system effectiveness.
Additionally, our report recommends enhancing security measures and restricting access to the production database to safeguard data integrity.

Our whitepaper provides a comprehensive overview of the AVEVA Asset Framework within the PI system, highlighting its important role in modern asset management.

Meet the Authors

Tomasz Węgrzyn is the OT team leader at ConnectPoint. Graduated from Warsaw University of Technology, Faculty of Electrical Engineering. For the last 10 years, he has been involved in projects related to the Aveva PI System and supports the construction and development of dedicated applications integrating with the PI System, mainly Smart RDM.

Tomasz Węgrzyn - our PI Expert

Piotr Wedziuk is a PI System Consultant trained directly at OSIsoft, specializing in PI Developer Technologies. He is an active user on PI Square, where he enjoys learning about intriguing use-cases and PI System integrations. Outside his professional sphere, Piotr is a triathlete, enjoys wandering and exploring, and has a keen interest in technology.

Piotr Wedziuk - our PI expert

Gabriela Gic-Grusza is Smart RDM product manager, with over 15 years of experience in various multidisciplinary projects at the intersection of environment, science, and IT. Her expertise encompasses diverse analysis tasks that bring the gap between business and IT/OT.

A portrait of Gabriela Gic-Grusza, the co-author of the ESG Whitepaper

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