Smart RDM for Renewable
Energy Sources

Smart RDM is a portal that integrates all process and business
data necessary to improve production efficiency

  • Malfunction detection
  • Visualization of the operating status of devices: wind turbines, photovoltaic panels, energy storage
  • Diagnostics of equipment operation
  • Forecasting of production
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  • Based on equipment ranking, using the current status of e.g. a wind turbine and its importance
  • Based on power curve analysis
  • Energy supply optimisation based on more accurate production forecasting
  • Repairs and maintenance based on actual condition of equipment
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What are the benefits
of Smart RDM

Support for anomaly detection process

Production forecasting

Optimal maintenance planing

Key infrastructure status information in real-time

Improving the company's operating margins

Reducing the cost of removing failures

Smart RDM - standard version
Optimization in Five Steps

01. Data Integration

The first step is to integrate all key real-time production data.


Create a single source of truth for business systems securely separated from critical infrastructure.

Smart RDM, Schemat

02. Building context

The second step is to map the technical infrastructure and production processes in a digital model. Appropriate codification, delivered during implementation, will enable monitoring and analysis of wind or photovoltaic farms. Each monitored element will have its unique code in the system linked to the corresponding data from the measuring devices.


Ability to reliably compare infrastructure elements, analyze them and quickly add new elements to the model, such as a new factory, production line, sensor or indicator.


03. Visualization and monitoring

The third step is the digital mapping of the processes on interactive synoptic masks. For each type of device (e.g. turbine) a digital schematic is prepared so that operators can view the situation in real-time.


Overview of current and historical technical parameters of machines. Quick reaction to events.


04. Alarms and notifications

The system allows you to configure alarm thresholds and anomaly notifications for irregularities, schedule overruns, or performance. Events are integrated with notifications sent to defined users. The system operator can redirect events to the appropriate service along with the necessary information about the event and its location


Automation and reduction of failure handling time.

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05. Analysis and reporting

The system enables efficient reporting. Reports can show the execution of plans, summary of machine status and other business indicators needed to analyze production efficiency.


Presentation of results to managers and identification of areas for optimisation.


Smart RDM - extended version

Having met the basic needs of equipment condition monitoring with Smart RDM, we are now meeting the new challenges of production optimization. The business environment will push for continuity of energy supply, reduced downtime and higher equipment efficiency.

We use specialized computational algorithms in the Big Data module to clean and populate data, detect anomalies to avoid failures, forecast production linked to maintenance schedules and customer requirements.