Synergy with OSIsoft PI System

The integration of Smart RDM and OSIsoft PI allows you to create a complete system for monitoring, analysis, and planning.

Synergy of PI and RDM

Real-time data visualisation
Security and scalability
Events & Alarms
Notifications &subscriptions
Asset Framework,
GIS Integration
System monitoring and diagnostics

Smart RDM

Manual data entry & editing
Handling production plans & schedules
Automatic Reporting
Integration with business systems
Advanced data analysis
Mobile App
ETL process management to feed the data warehouse

PI System

Data compression
Construction of data archive
Unification of units of measurement
Real-time data analysis
Integration with automation systems
Codification and standard naming of measurement points
Building a data context

Synergy of PI and RDM

Smart RDM

PI System

Extending the capabilities of OSIsoft PI with Smart RDM

The system makes it possible to manually enter, edit and comment on process data by authorised users from the web or mobile application with the possibility to view the history of introduced changes. This function is mainly used for manual data validation, editing and commenting on events and reports and creating production plans.

Manual editing, RDM

The data entry function can be used to create production plans or schedules using the future data capabilities of the PI System. The system allows you to monitor the implementation of production plans (plan versus execution).

Production schedules, RDM

Smart RDM allows the creation of standardised production reports automatically. The system is integrated with AF data structure and business systems. The application automatically creates pdf files or uses the most popular reporting systems to publish business and technology reports. The unlimited data stream allows you to optimise the use of licences.

Reporting, RDM

The Big Data module in Smart RDM enables the implementation and management of dedicated scripts for system integration. A Smart RDM user can manually or automatically activate integration scripts in the module. Depending on the volume and nature of data, integration can be performed in any integration technology (OLEDB, PI WebAPI, AFSDK). This allows for efficient and scalable data flow management between the PI System and on-premise or cloud business systems. The module has no limitation on the number of data streams.

Integration, RDM

The Big Data module in Smart RDM enables the embedding of scripts for parameterisation and management of ETL processes. A special integration mechanism ensures complete control and high efficiency of the data transfer process to the data warehouse.

ETL process, RDM

The Big Data module enables business users to run advanced analyses and algorithms. A user may run ad-hoc or cyclic analyses and preview their execution status. The module also allows exporting and importing data from the system. The module uses the capabilities of a fully scalable cloud environment as a computational engine. The data source can be both PI System and other systems required for a specific analysis.

Advanced analytics, RDM

Smart RDM mobile application allows quick access to reports and visualisation. Technical staff can enter data manually and receive orders with a description of the event.

Mobile app, RDM

Synergy of Smart RDM and OSIsoft PI

By properly configuring the AF data model, using a library of templates, industry-specific codification and integration, the application enables the generation of automatic reports presenting selected AF data as well as manual data entry and data validation through interactive forms.

Asset Framework, PI System, RDM

Smart RDM integrates with PI Vision, providing comfortable navigation from the application level on PC and mobile devices. The system has prepared technological and business views taking into account industry needs. The views are visible to authorised users without the possibility of editing. As part of the system implementation, the industry AF structure and integration of PI Vision with GIS is provided. This allows for real-time monitoring of AF data on maps.

Visualisations, PI System, RDM

The analytical module of the AF structure enables the configuration of automatic events (Event Frames) based on defined conditions. From the Smart RDM level, we can browse and edit parameters related to events, filter and search them, add comments, manually close orders and take actions. There is a possibility of integration with external systems to manage orders. Smart RDM also enables e-mail subscriptions to reports automatically generated in the application. A vital improvement that Smart RDM gives is an option to define the reason for downtime and breakdowns.

Alarms, notifications, subscriptions, PI system, RDM

OSIsoft PI provides interfaces for diagnostic data acquisition and uses the AF data model (AF library, element structure, events, and notifications). Smart RDM presents diagnostic data and status reports for the infrastructure and PI system. The alarms and orders module also allows you to handle alarms from the PI system, integrated systems, and the related IT infrastructure.

Monitoring, Diagnostics, PI system, RDM

OSIsoft PI scales across your operations. It provides continuous access to all data in real-time and historical data. Smart RDM additionally allows you to utilise unlimited cloud computing power as needed. Smart RDM supports production infrastructure security requirements. It provides full integration with Active Directory and inherits these user permissions. Further, it enables the isolation of business users from production data sources and critical infrastructure.

Scalability, PI System, RDM

Smart RDM implementation in organizations with OSIsoft PI:


Matching – Preconfigured industry standard


Integration – use of optimal methods to exchange data with business systems


OSIsoft Asset Framework optimized for analysis, reporting and monitoring


PI Vision views – the preconfigured industry standard


PI ProcessBook – support for migration to PI Vision


Training and workshops in the customer’s environment


PI Ace migration support to Asset Framework and Big Data module


Launch of PI Monitoring application for infrastructure diagnostics